I am a Seattle-based art director with expertise in numerous creative fields, focused on brand development, web fiddling, creative marketing, and mural painting.

Currently, I am on the road, exploring America by CRV with my soon to be wife and our dingo. In addition to working on the right projects when we have internet, I’m still actively involved in long-distance volunteering with Urban Artworks, a local nonprofit serving at-risk youth in Seattle, and maintaining my photoblog, here.

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In 2012, I co-founded Band, a Portland creative studio, with my friend Zach. Together we worked on a ton of great projects with and for a ton of really great people.

Art Design Portland

In 2011, I started volunteering at ADX, Portland’s premier makerspace, and fell in love with their DIY ethics and progressive presence in the creative community. In 2014, I accepted a role as creative director.

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